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Helping You Create & Manage Sales Opportunities



If you are the CEO of a small business that wants to grow - we MIGHT be able to help.

If you are a CEO that still sells your product or service - we can PROBABLY help.

If you are a CEO that doesn't have the time to prospect for new customers - we CAN help.

If you are a CEO that has a dream prospect, but you just can't get a meeting - you NEED our help. 

Put another way, we open doors that you don't have the time, or perhaps the ability, to open yourself.

So why not let someone else open them for you? That way all you have to do is turn up, tell your story (after all, everyone loves to hear a founder or CEO story) and understand how your company can help your dream client with their issue.
You will save yourself an enormous amount of time by not researching, emailing or calling yourself and you can save money because you won't need to hire sales people just yet.

So why CEO's? Because CEO's (particularly founding CEO's) are almost invariably the best sales people the organisation, no matter how big it gets, will ever have. And our success rides on your success. 

Why SME's? Any bigger and the company will, probably, have sales people doing the selling for them.

Give me a holler on +61 418 381829 or email; or go to and I'll explain how the service works, what it costs and point you in the direction of other CEO's who have/are using the service (to get their feedback before you commit to anything).

NB: If you want a large number of leads to fuel a sales team, or to sell in a highly transactional environment, we're simply not for you I'm afraid (although I'm happy to recommend some great companies who work in both spaces). See less

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Pipeline Doctors help with the two biggest problems facing sales leaders today; 

How can we get more than 40% of our sales people to hit their targets?

How can we reduce the escalating Cost of Customer Acquisition?

We help you understand these issues, put them into context and then show you how others have solved similar problems.

We'll suggest when to use Magicians, Marines and Medics.

We'll advice you how to structure your team depending on the maturity of your company, product/service and target market.

We'll introduce you to the most modern sales thinking; why sales is now a team sport, why commissions are counter-productive, why stories sell so well (and how to create them), why you need to stop talking about yourself and what the new buyer-dominated landscape (that you have to sell into) means to the way you now need to address your market. 

We create a bespoke report with detailed recommendations as to what, why and how your company should structure your GTM to increase revenues while decreasing your Cost of Customer Acquisition.

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We help you implement the recommendations made in the GTM Report.

You're a busy sales leader who simply hasn't got the time to make the recommended changes while doing everything else that's expected of you.

We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Don't want the report but do want help with your pipeline and prospecting - particularly how to use the COMBO approach including social media (specifically Linked In) to get to your increasingly elusive target market?

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