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How many of the meetings your SDR’s set for your AE’s go no-where?

Let me do the maths for you – around 80% if they’re good, 90% is average and 95% if they’re below average.

I hope those numbers have made you shudder about your Cost of Customer Acquisition (they should – most SDR strategies employed today are costing your company a FORTUNE)!

The problem is you hire, train and pay your SDR as if they were a receptionist.

In other words, someone who sets meetings with as few questions being asked as possible.

If your SDR acted more like a GP and asks what the problem is, how acute it is, how it's affecting the prospect, what they've done about it so far and, god forbid, even suggested an alternative solution that doesn't actually require a specialist but might actually be more suitable – up to 60% of the meeting’s they set for your specialist (your AE) would result in a second meeting.

And everyone wins.

The prospect has a better customer experience (8 out of 10 times they don’t go to meetings they were either not ready for or should never have qualified to be at in the first place).

Your specialist/AE has not wasted time with 8 or 9 unqualified tyre kickers.

And your SDR's/GP’s have a way more rewarding role (where they might just hang around for more than 14 months)!

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