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I'm beginning to feel quite sorry for sales people.

They have to find a product they believe will make a positive difference to their customers, if they have values, this is a given.

Then they have to be certain that their product has a competitive advantage.

They must be vigilant their product retains this advantage throughout their employment (particularly tough in IT).

Without these, retaining a core belief in what they're selling is nigh on impossible.

But the hardest part of all, is finding a sales boss who is not of-the-old-school.

A boss who doesn't manage the minutia of their numbers (make MORE calls, send MORE emails, write MORE proposals).

One who doesn't expect you to call the prospects YOU know you shouldn't be calling at the end of the month.

We all know the type, I certainly do, I was one!

But the poor sales person has to find these companies, and unfortunately, there's nothing like enough of them to go around.

So it means far too many sales people will be stuck in jobs where they have to compromise themselves and their values because they have mortgages or rent to pay.

Sales is a tough enough job as it is, but for far too many sales people it's also totally soul-destroying.

As I said - I'm beginning to feel rather sorry for them.

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